Friday, 5 February 2010

Tesco Law in a Wig and Gown

Are solicitors endangered? James Dunning has an insightful post on this at his blog, An Inside Take from the Outside.

He advances his argument on the basis of the changes made in the regulation of barristers. Dunning says:
Last week though, in my humble opinion, the earth moved as the Bar Standards Board voted to allow barristers
  • to work in partnership with other barristers
  • to work in partnership with lawyers
  • to invest in law firms
  • to practice in more than one capacity
  • to investigate and collect evidence, take witness statements in civil and criminal case, advise suspects at the police station and conduct correspondence
The Law Society is busy considering the relative merits and demerits of referral fees.  Meanwhile the Bar Council has just voted to allow barristers to steal a sizeable proportion of law firms’ daily sustenance.
I agree with Dunning the earth is moving and solicitors should be checking their earthquake insurance.



marcuscleaver said...

It's traditionally thought that the Bar Council are the anachronistic half of the legal profession but they are certainly showing themselves to be more dynamic than the Law Society who don't seem quite sure how to adapt!

John Flood said...

In this case you are right. I shall be most interested to see how the Bar exploits the ABS structure when it starts in 2011. It's very much a case of watch this space.