Friday, 13 January 2012

95th Session of Philosophical Foundations of Law and Finance

Dear all, 

Philosophical Foundations of Law and Finance will be held tonight in Room 516, Regent Campus, University of Westminster, from 6 to 8pm. The lecture topic will be the UK Anti-Bribery Act. 

Arwa Alissa, LLM and PhD candidate, has volunteered to organise a "formal dinner & networking club" once per month or so. She'll need help to arrange invitations, speakers, sponsors etc. Any volunteers? 

I'd like to change our name after the 100th session. Maybe the Philosophy, Law and Finance Research Symposium? After lecture, dinner at Galleria, Marylebone. 

Please spread the word to our friends in the investment banks, law firms and governments. It's difficult for singletons in these professions to find others that they can really trust. Wonder why [sarcasm on]. Did you know that at least two of our former members used the Philosophical Foundation of Law and Finance meetings and dinners to get to know each other, then got engaged and are now married? I say "at least two" because i leave out all the clandestine liaisons that i know. Ha, as if such behaviours can be hidden from the ancient mischievous Master! The Philosophical Foundations of Law and Finance has served a socio-biological purpose. Fecundity and felicitations, Baby!


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