Thursday, 12 May 2011

Philosophical Foundations of Law & Finance 76th Session (Friday 13 May, from 6-8pm, Room 516, Regent Street, London)

Dear All,

For the 76th session of the Philosophical Foundations of Law and Finance, we will presume to apply Plato's theory of law as found in Book I of The Laws to the latest inconvenience of the US senate, namely, the hunt for blame in the 2008 financial crisis. For the record, see: It is noteworthy that the crusader against Goldman Sachs, Mark Taibi, will have his summary of said report posted in the archives of Rolling Stone on May 13th, and therefore, not in time to contribute to our eloquent rage against insolent chrematistics. 

Afterwards (circa 8:30pm), we shall dine at the Galleria restaurant, at 17 New Cavendish Street. For reservations, please text me at 07748186880.
As a side note, The Journal of the Philosophical Foundations of Law & Finance is currently being prepared by Dr. Laura Niada and myself. We are seeking submissions of articles and scholarly notes mainly from LLM and PhD candidates. So far we have selected 6 articles and 1 note for publication. We hope to print a "sample" of the first issue in August 2011. Our ideal is to encourage and assist aspiring talent find a means to share their knowledge and to grow a community of professionals and scholars.



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