Thursday, 1 July 2010

Free Legal Writing Lessons for 2010-2011

(With thanks to Rita Banerji)
From Joseph Tanega:

1. For the academic year 2010-2011, I will hold legal writing classes for students aiming to improve their writing skills and primarily, for those intending to achieve distinctions or publishable articles or both.

2. These sessions will be part of what is called "Guided Independent Study" and are completely voluntary and I will open up these sessions to the general public as part of my public service remit.

3. Essentially, 1000 word submissions will be required of each student every fortnight over five sessions.

4. These submissions no matter how much I detest or love them, will all be posted "as is" on the Department of Advanced Legal Studies Blog for comment by the wider world.

5. Also, if any FB contacts wish to undertake some "legal writing" lessons, they (you) are welcome to join us on Friday evenings from 6 to 8pm in room 516, 309 Regent Street, London. Specific dates will be announced later. We will start in September 2010.

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