Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nine-year Old Injuncts Mining Company in Goa

My colleague, Radha D'Souza (see post below), brought this story in the MANDGoa blog to my attention.

A nine-year old village boy took a mining company to the High Court where he was successful in securing an injunction to stop the mining which could have destroyed the village.

Here is a brief extract from the interview with Aakash Naik, the boy:

GT: What do you feel will happen if the mining continues unhindered?

AN (Aakash Naik): The mining project, which has been stayed, would have destroyed Advalpal village, its fauna, natural heritage, water reservoirs like springs, wells, etc. However, had this project continued the entire village would have not have survived. So, in order to avoid this ill-effect it was my duty to stand against mining.


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