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Westminster Graduate Conference 2009

The School of Law,
University of Westminster,


The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre

The 2009 Westminster
Graduate Conference
The Limits of Law: Justice Politics Ethics

Friday, 12th of June, 2009

Room 358
University of Westminster
309, Regent Street, London W1B

Attendance if free but please reserve a seat by emailing Samantha King

The 2009 Westminster Graduate Conference

The Limits of Law: Justice Politics Ethics

The School of Law, University of Westminster and the Westminster International

Law & Theory Centre are pleased to welcome you to the Westminster Graduate Law and Politics Conference on “The Limits of Law: Justice Politics Ethics”. The conference aims to be a friendly, workshop-like gathering where graduate students present, discuss and challenge aspects of law, politics and theory in various subject areas.

The conference consists of four sessions dedicated to typical categories of law and justice analysed through unorthodox and critical perspectives. The first session in the morning explores concepts of human rights, intellectual property rights and environmental rights. The second session deals with the inclusion and exclusion of the subjects of law. After lunch, the spotlight falls onto international justice. Session three, enter courts and their role in tackling international and transnational offences. The last session indulges in force and its ‘legal’ effects.


Registration (8.45 - 9.00)

Session One (9.00 - 11.15)


Adriana Giunta, “The Right to the Environment or a ‘New’ Right to the Environment? Its Challenges and Opportunities” (University of Hull)
Viktoria Baklanova, “First Amendment Opportunism: Preserving the Freedom of Speech for Credit Rating Agencies” (University of Westminster)
Chikosa Banda, “Reforming the Patent System to Promote more R&D into Diseases of the Developing World: Limits of the Existing Approaches” (University of Cambridge)
Sharon Persaud, “‘Closed in an open sort of way:’ Luhmann and the border control of law” (Birckbeck College London)
Laura Niada, “The Human Right to Essential Medicines in sub-Saharan Africa: Contingency and Biopolitics” (University of Westminster)


Session Two (11.30 - 13.30)


Craig Reeves, “’Exploding the Limits of Law’: Judgment and Freedom in Arendt and Adorno” (King’s College London)
Margaret Fitzgerald, “The Usual Suspects: Analysing the Use of Past Criminal Convictions in the Justice System” (University College Cork, Ireland)
Amanda Machin, “Testing the Nation? Citizenship, Identification and Diversity” (University of Westminster)
Alan Desmond, “Justice Before Law: The Case for Regularisation of Undocumented Migrants in the EU” (University College Cork, Ireland)


Session Three (14.30 - 16.30)


Daniela Nadj, “The Limitation of International Law - The Overdetermination of Ethnicity and Marginalisation of Gender in ICTY Wartime Sexual Violence Jurisprudence” (University of Westminster)
Megan Ward, “Ivory Tower? Congolese Child Soldier Users and the International Criminal Court” (University of Essex)
Muhammad B. Ismail, “Diplomatic Immunities in Islamic and International Diplomatic Law” (University of Hull)
Fabian Zhilla, “Judicial Corruption and Organised Crime” (King’s College London)


Session Four (16.45 - 19.00)


Kristian Lasslett, “Foreign Policy as a Crime Facilitative System: Australia's 'Constructive Commitment' to the South Pacific and the Bougainville Conflict 1988-1990” (University of Westminster)
Hanum Mokhtar, “Reforming the Reluctant United Nations Legal Regime on the Use of Force: Breaking the Boulder Blocks” (King’s College London)
Liam D. Askins, “The Historical Development of the Law of Occupation” (University of Hull)
Masha Baraza, “Institutional Re/membering: Lessons for Kenya from the South African Experience” (University of Warwick)
Munir Nuseibah, “Law Vs Justice: Case Study of Israel’s Conduct in Jerusalem” (University of Westminster)


The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre

School of Law University of Westminster

The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre is dedicated to exploring theoretical strands in the study of law within an international/transnational context. The Centre develops and encourages further research and collaboration both at a national and international level through its Online Working Papers Series, which are double peer-reviewed and distributed through our website and SSRN; an initiative of internships that allow graduate students to get involved in organisational and steering matters of the centre; and through a successful series of public events, such as lectures, film shows, dialogues, symposia and workshops like the one in which you have kindly agreed to participate today. We have taken all possible measures so that your experience of the event will be fruitful and thought-provoking, and we hope to carry on our co-operation in the future.

For more information, please check

Forthcoming Events

Friday, 5th June, 9:00-18:00
Critical Environmental Law: A Workshop on the Limits of the Environment with Radha De Souza, Sharron A. FitzGerald, Pablo Ghetti, Mark Halsey, Jane Holder, Andreas Kotsakis, Bettina Lange, Karen Morrow, John Paterson, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Alain Pottage, Paul Street, Inger-Johanne Sand, The Boardroom, Regent Street, W1B

17th June, 13:00-14:30
Prof Gary Wickham (Murdoch)
The Role of ‘Society’ in the Law-Society Relation
Room 2.14, Little Titchfield St, W1W

2nd October, 17:00
Elizabeth Povinelli (Columbia) and Sarah Franklin (LSE) in conversation
Location tbc

To reserve a place please email Samantha King at

Contact Details

Conference Organisers

Laura Niada

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

Centre Directors

Julia Chryssostalis
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

Centre Secretary

Samantha King

Conference Participants and Email

Liam D. Askins
Viktoria Baklanova
Chikosa Banda
Masha Baraza
Alan Desmond
Margaret Fitzgerald
Adriana Giunta
Muhammad B. Ismail
Kristian Lasslett
Amanda Machin
Hanum Mokhtar
Daniela Nadj
Laura Niada
Munir Nuseibah
Sharon Persaud
Craig Reeves
Megan A. Ward
Fabian Zhilla

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